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REview iOS game HelpMyHealth


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Oct 21, 2012
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>>>> Go to appstore and search for HelpMyHealth. <<<<

HelpmyHealth (Free) by AhHoh is about the vegetable fairies who want to help the humanity’s health.

It’s a very easy match-3 game you just complete 3 or more same color of veggie fairies in the line when you do that the sick people in upper screen will walk to king tomato and change to healthy man to increase your score.

You can use diamonds to summon King Tomato’s friends to help you get more score. you can requset it from your friends in facebook who play this game like you.

-Colorful graphic and pretty Veggie faries
-Interest special effect.
-Easy and fun gameplay

-When you have a few friends,diamonds is few difficult to find.

Finally if you are looking for casual game to play in your free time try to download HelpmyHealth in appstore maybe you’ll love in funny face of these Veggie fairies.

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