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Question: Hard Candy Bubble Case and Belkin Grip Vue!


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May 25, 2010
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Does anyone have a Hard Candy Bubble Case and know if it will fit an iPad that is also equipped with a silicone sleeve similar to a Belkin Grip Vue at the same time?

I'm wondering if the Bubble Case has enough room to also fit the sleeve without having to take it off each time I'm going to use the bubble case.

Yes, it fits perfectly. I was rocking the belkin + bubble case combo until a few days ago. You can remove the orange rubber pieces in the bubble case to fit an ipad equipped with a larger case as well.
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Cool! I also saw a review on YouTube last night in which someone demonstrated the combo.

I now have one on order.

I just saw the same youtube video yesterday, however, I don't really like the hard candy bubble case design and he referred to another design that was very similar. Does anyone know which design that is? I'm considering getting both the belkin hard case and the Belkin Grip Vue Clear sleeve for everyday use.

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