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Photo album problem


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Sep 30, 2012
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Vers 7.1.2 iPad 3

I transfer photos from my Sony nex camera to my iPad via wifi and the photos go into an album, also when I take photos on either pad or phone, I create albums for said photos.

My problem is when I then back up photos to my computer and rearrange into other folders, and do a sync via iTunes, the old folders still show, but are empty and cannot be deleted. How can I delete unwanted albums please?

The albums which I cant delete are renamed as last import!
I was wondering which software you're using, because the "Last import" folders disappear from my Air as soon as they are empty. What you experience, happened in iOS 7x, but this behaviour was removed with iOS 8.

There's a workaround for this, I hope this will help:
Open one of these empty folders, add a photo from your Camera Roll, delete the photo again.

Other method:
Take one single picture with your camera. Import it to the iPad, don't delete it on the camera (in case you need to import it to delete another one of these folders).
Open the folder where it was added, and remove it from there. The folder should disappear as well.

Hope this helps.
The first method didn't work as I can't open the folders.

The second method did work, thank you.

Perhaps I should update to vers 8.
You're welcome.

In iOS 8, the Imported Photos folder disappears as soon as all the pictures are removed.

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