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Paralympian Shows How Apple Devices Help Him Train


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple Shows How Apple Watch is helping with accessibilty for Paralympian.jpg

Cnet reports today on how two-time US Paralympian Austin Pruitt is incorporating the Apple Watch and other Apple devices in his training schedule. In the article, Pruitt shows Cnet's Ben Fox Rubin how he now only needs to use a single Apple Watch to track his stationary workouts, whereas he previously had to use a number of different trackers set up on his racing wheelchair.

“This has everything,” Pruitt told Cnet of his set-up. “This has my wheelchair and my walking, all in one.”

Speaking to Cnet just a few days before Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday, Apple’s director of Global Accessibility Policy and Initiatives, Sarah Herrlinger, talked about the company’s commitment to help people like Pruitt by adding more and more accessibility features to its devices.

“Every year we try to add in new things,” said Herrlinger. “We do look at how can we make it slightly better year over year.”

Herrlinger gave several examples of this, including specialized iPhone controls, such as Bluetooth pairing with hearing aids and cochlear implants and portable Braille readers and paddle switches for people’s electronic devices, to name just a few of many.

“This becomes like a lifeline,” said accessibility advocate Andrea Dalzell. “I have the ability to take disability out of the equation.”

Image source: Cnet

Sources: Apple wants its devices to 'take disability out of the equation'

Apple Exec: Accessibility is a human right – Lance Ulanoff – Medium

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