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Jul 14, 2023
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I am the owner of three older iPads. Two were used by my kids and one was used by my late mother. I cannot get them to work anymore and I don't want to ditch perfectly fine products. Though I have passwords, I think there is some security that avoids me from logging in. For my mother's iPad I am stuck because I do not have her login details. For my own iPads I get a message that I need to log back into iTunes. When I do that, it tells me that iTunes is not running on the PC I used to set them up with initially. I don't own that PC anymore. As a last resort I am checking with the creative specialists in this forum. Is there a way to set the products back to factory settings, there is no data that needs to be saved. Suggestions are welcome
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Maybe putting your devices into recovery mode will help. Here are the instructions:
I thought you had the answer, but alas. The iPad restarts, iTunes responds and wants confirmation from the iPad to continue. The iPad however remains locked
Put your device into DFU mode. Here are the instructions:

Make sure to follow the correct instruction, depending in your device. Timing is of essence. If the screen isn‘t blank, you‘re not in DFU mode and have to try again.
If DFU mode doesn‘t help, a hardware failure might be the reason for your issue. In that case, go to the next Apple Store so that they can check it.

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