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Mar 30, 2010
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Los Angeles, CA
Hello folks!
Found this nice forum on web last night. Planing to get iPad, but want to touch it and play with it first. Hop I can do it this Saturday at Apple store.
Good Luck all of you!
Roman you should go to the store after 3pm-they will release the reserved units that were not picked up. if you do that you may have a chance to play and buy. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome on board from Asia, i don't to disappoint you , but have big change you can't get on saturday ... as they have extend the delivery time to the 12 , in my eyes that mean shortage is around ....

I hope for you to be wrong
Glad to see ya joined! If the Apple store is completely out, might want to check out Best Buy. Be sure to let us know your thoughts after trying one out.
For sure, I bet they have a few demo models for customers to use.

If you have any other questions before you decide on purchasing, be sure to post 'em here. There will many members that should have their iPad's delivered 4/3 and would be happy to answer any questions.

Can I just "play" with demo model on Sat morning at store?
Another good location could be a University bookstore. They were also supposed to get a shipment although smaller than Best Buy-could be a good way to avoid all the people also.

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