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New iPad Prototype Pictured on Web


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Phone Arena reports today that new pictures have emerged online showing what appears to be the back cover of a new prototype version of the next iPad, which seem to show that the rear camera has been moved slightly. It’s not sure whether or not this is a full-size iPad or an iPad mini, but as Phone Arena points out, rumours have been circulating that Apple is soon to announce a full-sized iPad 5 and second-gen iPad mini, and this could be either of those. In fact, it’s been a good few days for iPad leaks, as Phone Arena also points out that what are said to be cases for the full-sized iPad 5 have also appeared online, with these pictures seeming to confirm recent rumours that have the next iPad being 15% thinner and one-third lighter than the current iPad. Most interestingly, Phone Arena says that these cases also show that the rear camera is sited in a slightly different position, as well as showing a new hole in the casing that could be for an additional microphone, possibly for spatial sound recording purposes. [/FONT]

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[FONT=&quot]Source[/FONT] [FONT=&quot]New iPad prototype leaks out, alongside cases hinting at a slimmer tablet[/FONT]

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