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Looking for Insurance for iPad


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Oct 11, 2011
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Ensquared is one of the foremost iPad insurance providers in the USA and Canada and sponsor of the iPad forum. This was not an easy task as we have come up against competitors that have been in the laptop insurance field for many years. It required us to look at what was really needed in terms of customer coverage. The key thing is to offer value for risk where it occurs and leave out or avoid charging for risk that is remote.

Take for example http://www.ensquared/ipad_insuranceinsurance for iPad 2 (64GB + 3G) that costs the consumer well over $800 to buy and replace. A leading competitor covers two items, namely: Theft and Accidental Damage, mentioning also vandalism and natural disasters. The Premium is $127.30 for two years with a $50 deductible. Well on analysis, it should be noted that while the policy covers Theft, it does not cover Lost. This means that just losing it is not covered and on claiming there is an onus on the claimant to prove theft VERSUS just being lost. Added to this, an iPad is not the same as an iPhone. It is bigger and much more unlikely to be misplaced, lost or stolen. The biggest danger is accidental damage from human error, like water spills, cracked screens and malfunctioning from mishandling, as well as possible malfunctioning from factory error after the factory warranty expires. Every computer user most dreads the day that the iPad fails to turn on or goes all haywire for no real reason at all. This is the focus of extended warranty – a weighty protection item not covered in any way by the leading competitor. Ensquared recognize this and to make things simple have removed the Theft aspect but kept everything else offered by this leading competitor PLUS included an extended warranty, all for $94.99 with a $50 deductible for two years. Moreover this covers the owner for $1000 per claim – more than enough to cover a new replacement, with three claims allowed over the two year period irrespective if it is for damage or factory malfunction (usually in the second year). So for the exclusion of Theft, which is iffy at best, the insurer gets $31 premium saving – a 24% reduction for coverage that is really needed.The Ensquared pricing covers all iPad models including the iPad 2 + 3G.

With Ensquared the claims allowed over the two year period are set at three (more than enough for even careless owners) and the claim limit, no matter which iPad model you own is $1000 (more than enough to cover replacement). The premium is $94 for a two year policy no matter which model is involved. In each case the Ensquared iPad insurance covers you for accidental damage PLUS extended warranty. It has major advantage when viewed against competitors where the claim limits adjust down a lot making the value of the premium confusing.

SquareTrade, another well known competitor in this Tablet insurance arena, does also offer accidental damage plus extended warranty but is substantially more restrictive. For $99.99 you get apparently the same coverage but their total claim value is $499 VERSUS Ensquared $3000 (three independent claims X $1000) with the same $50 deductible. No contest! Ensquared iPad insurance is making its mark against the major competitors in a significant way. Ensquared iPad insurance as an important part of Ensquared’s newly launched tablet insurance program is here to stay. In addition Ensquared offers the same accidental damage and extended warranty for Motorola XOOM , Blackberry Playbook, Galaxy and every other brand. The customer has the peace of mind provided by a 15 day no cost, no questions asked cancellation period as well. This combined with the backing of Fortegra the B++ (Good) accredited Underwriter with New York Stock Exchange status makes this program lead

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