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Looking for document signing app that integrates with e-mail


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Aug 22, 2013
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We are looking for an app(s) that will allow us to:
  1. Receive .pdf files into an existing exchange e-mail account.
  2. Open that file and allow the user to sign the .pdf (I have seen many apps that do this, it's the next part that is tricky)
  3. Allow the user to Reply to the original e-mail and attach that signed .pdf file back to the sender without having to have written down their address, copied the address, or choose them from the Contacts.
We have users that need to send files back to recipients without adding necessarily as a contact (could be new senders each time) or copying the address to paste it into a new e-mail.

Any suggestions or questions are welcome!
Number 3 is the problem, as you've said.

Because of the iPad's sandboxing, no mail app can access another app's files and attach them. The only other way would be to have a combination PDF/Mail app. I don't know of any.

The closest you could come to this is to provide a link to a file on a cloud site instead. Ask your recipient to download, sign, and upload the result to the same service. Many PDF apps can access the popular cloud service sites like DropBox and Box. Box, in particular, supports versioning, notifications, and other features that might help. There would still be kinks to work out, and you'd need really clear instructions for the end users.
Thank you

I was afraid of that. We will take a look at using possibly Dropbox or the like. Thanks for the reply!

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