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lo w level video editor / camera accessories


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Aug 7, 2016
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Can anybody recommend a low level video editor for children. It does not have to be very advanced. I will be working with a group of special educational needs students and would like this app for my lower level groups.

Can any body recommend any camera accessories / kits suitable for ipad 2/3. I am thinking along the lines of an attachable boom arm and wide angle lens etc.

Many thanks



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Aug 28, 2014
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Hi Jeslo , maybe this will be helpful for your video editing for kids inquiry. Ya know , my sister is a special Ed teacher and although unfortunately there isn't a lot of apps to choose from that aren't simplistic and age ranges varies starting at 7 yr olds to about 10 . Then the level Jumps quite drastically as the editing apps are more complex . . But she suggested to me two apps that are very easy levels of comprehending and understanding . They are free as well on the App Store. The first one , (and I downloaded and checked it out ) is very simple for there are only three functions .​
Trim /Cut , Merge (up to 4 different vids), audio , ......I played around with it and found it extremely easy and the buttons are big and the info onscreen instructions is readily available at any point using the app ( I like these type apps, I have many apps that are really complex but if you touch the screen at the apps requested part of the screen the instructions override the task at hand and directs you at that point )
The other is easy but isn't as user friendly. I played around with it and it's ok has same simple functions but lacks the easy big buttons and words . Is workable , a little more sophisticated. It's called "Splice" .
So I also have a link for you to check out . www.commonsensemedia.org.
Or try this www.commonsensemedia.org./photo/editing/kids
Well best to you and if you yourself are interested in a really good video editing app
Pinnacle video editing , hands down the best , I have several I use and some are simple for if I'm in a hurry like CUTE CUT PRO , to A little more time and more I want to do with a video .....VIDEON
And the more complexing but a lot more functions PINNACLE STUDIOS PRO ...
Ok then hope this helps , and I know oh to well your situation , simply because it's a huge catagorie
And limited apps for your kids ......
Have a great day ..... Post back if you use ,or not and let me know how the kids like or use or dislike
Later on
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