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ipad2 Wifi Only connect to iphone4 GPS qn


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Apr 17, 2011
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i got an ipad2 Wifi Only and i connect it to iphone4 with the intention to use iphone4's GPS.

my location on my ipad is off. i tried to locate myself from my iphone and it is correct. pinpoint to the spot. why is the ipad wifi only location off? i am not moving. i am stationary at a spot.

i also tried moving around but been getting jumping location which is also off.

i tried using google map and Galileo map on the ipad. both shows the same results.

did u experience the same issue? if so, how can i solve it?

btw, i have the latest version of the iSO.

many thanks.
I'm not sure that the WiFi iPad will take GPS data from the iPhone when it is tethering like that. It would be nice if Apple did that... along with several other things it could do for the GPS in general...

On my iPad 2 I've made do with a GNS 5870 external bluetooth GPS... not that I have a phone to tether with anyways. Pairs up nicely with my iPod too. Only the touch based power switch is quite fickle. Prone to turning on unwanted and difficult to turn off some times.

1) WiFi iPads locate based on know WiFi networks, a tethered iPhone is not know in the iPads database.
2) The iPhone 4 is acting as a WiFi hotspot while tethering, it is not sending any additional information to the iPad beyond that. The iPhone is acting like a MiFi or Wireless Router, it just passes data between the WiFi iPad and the iPhone's 3G radio.
3) Apple's been a really ***** about feeding GPS data into an iOS device, hence why there are currently only 3 or 5 external GPS units on the market that work for the WiFi only iOS devices.
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thanks for that information and sharing your experiences.


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