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iPad remembers deleted email. How do I get it to forget?


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Aug 5, 2013
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Denver, CO

I read e-mails from both my home PC and my iPad, BUT, only delete emails from the PC.

My email comes from Comcast.net and is in POP format.

My PC uses Outlook and is set up to "Remove from server when deleted from 'Deleted Items'

On the iPad, I use the default mail program and DO NOT have the "Delete from server when removed from Inbox" setting checked. (It is set to "Never" Delete from server).

Thus, my PC is always in sync with the Comcast.net server and the Comcast.net server always has the copies of the emails I want to keep.

To sync my iPad, I want to delete all of the emails on the iPad at one time, then reload anything that is currently on the Comcast.net server.

Problem is that the iPad remembers what e-mails were deleted and will not re-load them from the Comcast.net Server. My assumption is that there is a config file for each account on the iPad that remembers the deleted e-mails then checks this file when reloading emails from the Comcast.net server.

If I remove the account, then re-create it, the iPad will reload everything on Comcast.net.

Can someone please help me find this file so that I do not have to rebuild the account every time I want to sync.

iPad 4 Model ME392LL/A
IOS Version 6.1.3 (10B329)

Thank you

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