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iPad - Perfect tool for bloggers?


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Jan 17, 2010
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Does anyone use the Wordpress app for the iPhone? What are your thoughts on a Wordpress app for the iPad? Do you think this will make the perfect device for bloggers?


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Feb 7, 2010
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iDon't Blog

See title

That said it would be nice to see a horizontal dock-keyboard instead of the vertical one, especially for live note-taking. I have no idea if its possible to become as proficient with at speed typing on non-tactile (force feedback) keyboard, such as the iPads touch keyboard.

It's one thing when your typing out an email, a short Tweet (not that use Twitter either), or even composing in pages. But if one has to keep eyes and some attention focused off the screen then it could be an issue IMO.

I don't know, give me a Camera attachment, a way to fuss with layout and embed picture/video, have the whole thing uploaded to both image/video hosting services, and send the correct code to make it display the way it looks on the iPad to the blog/web-site... that should well and truly do it don't you think?

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