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iPad mini 3 vs iPad air 2 for future apps?? Garageband, iMovie

delirium trigger

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Nov 3, 2014
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I posted another thread explaining that I prefer the size of the iPad mini better so I have ordered one, although it has not been shipped so I can switch to an iPad air 2 if I want to.

One thing I am wondering, since I do run garageband, iMovie, and all types of apps like that, what will the iPad mini 3 look like in a year from now? It isn't even as powerful as the iPhone 6. Right now it runs everything fine.

But would I see a huge improvement in the Air 2 with the A8x plus the extra GB of ram? Or will it not be that noticeable?

I could deal with the extra screen size if I knew for sure it was going to be noticeable. IOS8 runs fine on iPad mini retina and 3. But when IOS 9 comes out, i'll still be in contract with my Verizon iPad mini 3. IOS 9 iMovie and garageband I imagine will be even more powerful. Will it still be able to hang?

In other words, are you guys that still have iPad 2's able to still run the newest garageband and iMovie just fine?


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Oct 12, 2011
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Upstate, NY
Unless you need the smaller form factor of the mini 3 then the full size ipad is a better choice for you, IMO. The Air 2 has better hardware all around is more future proof. The mini 3 is somewhat of a let down since they didn't really do much to it hardware wise. The mini 2 is a better buy.

The Air 2 will outperform the minis, for sure.


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Jun 6, 2012
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Akron ohio
When I previously bought a mini, it was based on form factor alone. I personally don't think that a mini moving forward is the best option for you. It sounds like you do some hardware intensive things and at some point the mini will backfire.

I can't speak from experience as I only had the first gen mini, which wasn't to powerful ;(.


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