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How to transfer pictures from your iPhone or iPad to your PC


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Feb 10, 2011
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How to transfer photos from your iPhone or iPad to your PC:

- Your iPhone/iPad will have to be connected to WiFi
- From the Apple App Store search for and download "FTP Media Server" (FREE) by Jin Jeon to your iPhone or iPad
- Start the app
- Turn on the media server by sliding the switch to "On"
- Do not enter a User Name or Password

- On your PC download and install the free FTP client called Filezilla:
- During install, it may offer to install other programs as well, this is not necessary
- Launch the Filezilla program
- On the upper left corner click on the icon "Site Manager"
- Click on the "New Site" button and name your site "iPhone" or whatever you want
- Click on the "General" tab and fill in the following:
Host - this is the "Internal IP" shown on your FTP Media Server app
Port - 50000
Encrytion - "Use plain FTP"
Logon type - "Anonymous"
- Click on the "Advanced" tab and set the "Default local directory" to the Pictures folder on your PC
- Click on the "Connect" button to connect your PC to your iPhone
- On the left you will see the folders on your PC, on the right you will see the folders on your iPhone
- Right-click on your iPhone folder(s) and select "Download;" this will transfer your pictures to your PC
- When complete, click on the red X to disconnect Filezilla from your iPhone server and turn off the media server on your iPhone app

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