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[HELP] Restoring IPAD2 to default settings when password is forgotten...


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Oct 23, 2012
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Dear IPF members,

I have IPAD2 with me and forgot the password to it, I am trying to restore it to its default settings now and when I try connecting the Ipad to iTunes it recognizes it but then I can only view the restore button, and when I click the restore button, the loading bar at the top says "Extracting.....", once its completed I get the Error 3194 saying an error occurred and the restore was not completed.

I tried using TinyUmbrella as well as to what was mentioned in one of the articles on this forum " Resolve iTunes Unknown Error 3194.. still did not work...

Please assist me what do I need to do to format it back to its default setting.

P.S: I am using the original usb cable for the IPAD, as well as I have the latest update of iTunes..
Dear Marilyn,

Thank you for your reply, however, I followed the steps and I am stuck with the TinyUmbrella software.

I have downloaded it, I runned the software firstly, it doesnt recognize my device ( I don't know whether I need to keep my device linked to the PC or not), either ways, when I go to the Advanced Tab, the option to UNTICK the option which says "Set Hosts to Cydia on Exit" is not TICKABLE as in I am not able to tick it.

This is the only issue I am facing right now and hope you can help me with that.
So, there is no checkmark in the box next to "Set Hosts To Cydia on Exit"? Cause that's what you want.

If you've never used Tiny Umbrella before, then you can skip that step (#2). Just carry on with the remaining steps...


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