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Grumpy Cat to Star in her own WarioWare-Style iOS Game


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Grumpy Cat game coming this December.JPG

Touch Arcade reports that world-famous ticked-off kitty Grumpy Cat (real cat name, Tardar Sauce) is to feature in her own iOS game, Grumpy Cat—Ready, Set, NO, based around madcap WarioWare-style gameplay.

Developed by Lucky Kat Studios, the game features over 60 “awful” mini-games featuring Grumpy Cat in pixel art style doing all sorts of un-catlike stuff such as catching falling glasses, flipping burgers, and performing magic tricks.

Lucky Kat Studios unashamedly cites WarioWare as being one of its main inspirations for the free-to-play game, which is due to launch in December. However, this is clearly much more than just a WarioWare clone, as Grumpy Cat’s famously miserable persona is always in evidence. Lucky Kat promises, in suitably grumpy fashion, that this will be “the worst mobile game you will ever play.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in beta testing for the game, you can sign up here: Grumpy Cat - Ready, Set, NO [Beta Testing]

Source: 'Grumpy Cat - Ready, Set, NO' Takes the Minigames From WarioWare and Adds Furious Felines, Coming Soon

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