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Great book by Travis Tea

Bob Maxey

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Jan 25, 2011
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Google "Travis Tea," the "author" of 'Atlanta Nights.'

Then, you must Google "PublishAmerica."

Connect the dots and get back to me. Or post here on this very forum.

Without giving away the ending, when you do read about Travis Tea's "Atlanta Nights" you will see how far a group of real writers dealt with the Travisty (There is your hint) companies like Publishamerica is or is it are? Never mind, just do it dag nabbit.

From the book's offricial web site:

Travis Tea is a multi-talented, genre-blurring, "highly literary . . . and grammatically-adroit" author of "astounding . . . sensitivity," "dazzling . . . verbal prowess," and "international renown," whose unique and deserving work has been instantly accepted for publication by a Traditional Publisher which "decided to give Atlanta Nights the chance it deserves."

Atlanta Nights is his debut novel, filled with glitz, glamor, and amazing human insight.

"Richard didn't have as sweet a personality as Andrew but then few men did but he was very well-built. He had the shoulders of a water buffalo and the waist of a ferret. He was reddened by his many sporting activities which he managed to keep up within addition to his busy job as a stock broker, and that reminded Irene of safari hunters and virile construction workers which contracted quite sexily to his suit-and-tie demeanor. Irene was considering coming onto him but he was older than Henry was when he died even though he hadn't died of natural causes but he was dead and Richard would die too someday. . . ."

from Chapter 25 of Atlanta Nights


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Jun 22, 2012
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How can I find one of the 7 copies with the ISBN overwriting some of the blurbs? I just know they have to be collectors items

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