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Google Offering $1 Million to Anyone that Expose Chrome’s Flaws


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Feb 21, 2012
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Google has once again offered a challenge for hackers across the world, and it sounds like a contest that proud hackers may not easily refuse. The offer: up to one million dollars to anyone able to successfully hack and exploit bugs in the Google Chrome browser. Google is very confident in its product that they are willing to put a large cash prize on the line to anyone that can bring Chrome’s flaws to their attention.

Google’s Pwnium contest which is being held at the same time as Pwn2Own, has several prizes for individual hackers, depending on the bug or bugs that the hacker finds. Chrome’s bug doesn’t have to be found in a product that would only affect Google Chrome — any hacker that can successfully find a bug or exploit in Windows, Flash, or a device driver, Google will pay them $20,000 for their efforts. For any hacks that specifically target Google Chrome, Google will shuffle out $40,000. Finally, for any exploits that affect only Google Chrome, Google will pay a minimum of $60,000. Depending on the severity of the exploit, Google will increase the payout, leading up to the one million dollar prize.

Google Offering $1 Million to Anyone that Expose Chrome’s Flaws | HackCollege

I know there are some good hackers who view these forums. Now let the pricetag motivate you, not detour you :smoker:

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