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Google Bringing Voice Search to iOS Google Search App


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Jun 7, 2010
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Google has announced today that iOS device users will soon be getting some new features for Google Search on their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches. Most significant of these is the ability to ask Search a question out loud and have the answer spoken back to you as well. Basically, it works exactly like Siri! The app uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to provide exactly the information you want, such as what time a flight is leaving, what is the weather like, and so on. You can also ask it to do things for you, such as show you a YouTube video. The app has already been updated on the latest version of Android, with the iOS update coming to the App Store “within the next couple of days,†The Verge reports Google as saying. It has been submitted to Apple for its approval, so it’s just a question of when Apple allows it onto the App Store.

Source: Voice Search ? Inside Search ? Google via The Verge
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Google Now and Siri on iOS

I hope Apple allows this in the App Store! This is essentially using Google Now on Android but now we will be having access to it on iOS. This would be smart for Apple as now there would be less of a reason for users to switch to Android when the iOS can do the same thing an Android OS device can (Google Now)
If it's approved and works "exactly" like Siri, that means it will be half-baked as well, lol.

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