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Good cheap game apps?


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Apr 17, 2011
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Sorry, I'm getting bored of the apps cause I been playing them for like 4-5months with nothing else. Anyone suggest good cheap game apps? Here r the games I have:

Angry birds rio, seasons, full
Fruit ninja
Cut the rope hd and holiday
World of goo
Oven break
Annoying orange
All the impossible tests
Tap tap radiation

These r the most popular games, anyways, I basically finished all those games 2000000 times so I need help! Thnx!
There are a lot of "lite" games in the apps store which are free.
They make their money by in game purchases or advertising, but they will at least allow you to get a flavour of the game before you commit.

Why not download the AppShopper and AppAdvice apps (which are free) as they will give a list of the latest free games that are available. Also check the TouchArcade ipad forums as there are a lot of keen gamers on that site. The number of postings is a good indication of how popular as game is.
I like sparkle HD ,pocket frogs,scrabble, the hubs likes all the stick golfs and trucks and skulls can't think of any more I'm a forum geek so that's what I do! And I the this forum!
If you like pinball games; check out "Pinball HD" and "War pinball HD".
- Those games are perfect cause you can always get a new highscore!

And if you send me a PM you can have a Promo Code for my game Woolcraft.
iPad Apps for Kids

Hi guys. I don't know how many of you all got your kids an iPad. I actually won an iPad and have enjoyed it the little bit of time I have gotten to play with it. My children go to ikidapps, Best Free Apps for Kids - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android to find the apps that they like to play. They have it loaded down pretty good with the things they've found there. Maybe this will be help to anyone searching for kids apps and games. A Google search for ikidapps will take you to the site.
if you like risk game so try Mobster´s Risk ...it´s worth to play :)

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