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Gmail app vs Gmail Exchange - contacts & deletion problem - help needed


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Apr 8, 2012
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Midwest USA
Ok, here is what I have noticed over time and I'm just now ready to address it. So, I installed ipad gmail client and works fine. Allows me to delete messages from inbox and empty trash so that the deleted messages no longer appear in all mail. In the gmail setup I have toggled the archive messages to off. Like that ability. Gmail,works fine. BUT, no contacts!!!!! We all know that. Soooooo, delete the gmail client and setup gmail now through exchange. Guess what, contacts are all their rand work GREAT, BUT in the exchange gmail setup there is no toggle to not archive messages!!!!

So, in exchange gmail...when I delete a message in my inbox and THEN go in and empty trash it shows trash as empty like it properly should, BUT here is where the problem lies....when I go into ALL MAIL, the message I had previously deleted from the inbox AND from the trash is STILL in ALL MAIL. This is tearing me apart. Do any of you know how to,fix this??

Is there a way to turn off archiving in gmail when you've installed it through exchange? Thanks loads for your expertise and much-needed help!


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
You're supposed to wait 48 hrs to bump, by the rules.

But since I'm here.

Google recently set up a new CardDAV server. You can go back to the the older GMail setup if you like, then add your contact syncing as a separate account using these instructions.

Sync contacts with your iOS device - Gmail Help

Hope that helps.

Now that they have the CardDAV server for syncing contacts, Google is phasing out ActiveSync (GoogleSync) service for non-business members. After January 30 it won't be possible to add GMail to your iPad as an Exchange account. If your account is set up as Exchange it should continue to work, at least for now. Google has not set a termination date for existing account setups.

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