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Getting a device for something else...


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Jan 17, 2011
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It just occured to me that a lot of people want to use their device (not only the Apple ones) to do something else...

- PSP emulating a Super Nintendo
- Wii emulating a DS, PSX, Dos
- PC emulating a Wii, PS2, etc...
- iPad/iPhone emulating SNES, Dos
- "Name your favorite"...

The technical challenge to achieve such emulations is amazing, that's for sure. But I wonder why regular users will take a chance to brick their favorite device to be able to emulate a previous and often outdated device.

I know, I know, Mario Bros is the ultimate game even with current games. But thinking about it, it's pretty strange to get the latest and greatest to fall back on old and outdated systems... And believe me, I'm part of those people :)

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With me it's sort of like the universal remote. I don't want multiple physical devices, but I want the functionality that multiple devices have...

The universal computer has not yet been invented, but I'll probably be among the first to buy it when it is.

I run MacOS, Windows and Linux on my Mac now and use all of them...


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