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Equation editor for pages


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Feb 4, 2012
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Hi I am new here and learning how to use the forum. I am a math teacher and am wondering when Pages for iPad will incorporate an equation editor utility like MathType. It is frustrating when I open my word documents from school in Pages and a lot of the math symbols are not recognized. Anyone else experiencing the same?
This is a glaring problem, but there are some solutions. The best I have found thus far is EQ Editor. You can type in equations, then copy them to the clipboard for pasting into some other apps. (Pages is one such.)

You can hand write the equations into some apps (like DocsAS for one), then copy and paste.

But you have to switch apps to copy and paste, so it is really a workaround.

There are many of us who are waiting for Apple to come to its senses and adopt something like MathType or create its own app.
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