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Converting video from my JVC camera to IPad3


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Aug 17, 2013
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Recently I purchased a video camera. A JVC ex555 with WiFi.

I have been trying to transfer video from the camera to the IPad3 but without success.

I connect the camera to the IPad with the CCK but it only transfers photos. It comes up with a message -

Cannot Read the connected media storage.

I have searched the camera's menu to see how I can first do something to the video to make it compatible. But there does not appear to be anything different to the photos so I don't know why it can't read the videos.

I apologise if this issue has been covered in other topics but I couldn't find it in the forum. (I'm new to all of this).

Ultimately I want to transfer the video from the camera to edit it in IMovie. I have tried opening it up in IMovie, but they don't show up there either.

I can't seem to get the SD card to work either. I have used the SD card converter that came with the CCK.

Very frustrating ad hopefully someone can help me here, or maybe I just need to go to the new Apple Store that has opened up here and find someone with the knowledge to assist.

First off, what format is your video in? (Typically being, .avi, .mov, .MPEG4, .MP4, and so on.) There are many options still open so don't freak out quite yet. What does iMovie say when you attempt to import them into a new project (any error msgs)? You can import either movie files from your computer or you can directly import your video from you camera into iMovie. Both methods are relatively easy with little steps to accomplish this. Let me know as soon as possible so i can help you trouble-shoot this dilemma. Hope to hear from you soon!

Lead AV Tech
Thanks for the response. All sorted. Went to the Adelaide based Apple Store and got the help I needed. Been working well.

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