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Carbon Fibre Cover


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Dec 22, 2010
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
i wanted a carbon fibre rear cover for my iPad2 and was
all set to purchase the ABS with inlayed CF cover from
Mach3. having the ability to use the Apple smart cover
was a must and even though i wasn't really crazy about
the ABS plastic it was my only choice plus it is 2-3 times
the thickness of the all CF cover.

during a last minute search i came across Carbonfibergear.com
and they offered a 100% CF rear cover that works with
the smart cover. 2 days later it arrived and all i can say
is it looks and works awesome. the smart cover works
and all the cutouts are in the right places. i'm very happy
with this cover and can't recommend them enough if you
want all CF and the smart cover.

on a side note, this cover is 100% CF and paper thin. if
dropped it will not afford any protection whereas the
ABS cover from Mach3 is definitely thicker and will provide
some degree of protection.


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