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Bungie and Jamf Working Together on iPad for Kids Hospital Program


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Bungie and Jamf working together on iPad for Kids program.JPG

According to a report on AppleInsider, Apple device management company Jamf has partnered with The Bungie Foundation to help make the experience of children in hospital just a little brighter with access to an iPad loaded with special apps.

Game developer Bungie, the company behind Halo and Destiny and Destiny 2, started the program at just one hospital, Seattle Children’s Hospital, in 2012, and now aims to have the program in children’s hospitals throughout America. As part of the program, Bungie provides the hospitals with all the iPads required and all that is needed in terms of other hardware to run the program, and the hospital does not have to pay a cent. Jamf is responsible for supplying all the mobile device management software.

The content loaded onto the iPads is fully customizable entertainment that is designed to give children a feeling of normalcy in hospital, something to keep them absorbed and entertained and to keep their minds off their illness.
“It’s important for us at Bungie to provide a turnkey program to hospitals,” said Bungie Foundation’s senior manager Christine Edwards. “By providing them with everything they need, from the hardware to an iPads for Kids project manager, they’re able to help their paediatric patients have a better hospital experience as quickly as possible.”

Source: Jamf works with Bungie to improve 'iPad for Kids' program, plans expansion into more hospitals

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