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Bluetooth headphones recomendation

Stephen Elliott

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Apr 7, 2012
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Hi, I'm now the proud owner of the new ipad(3) and would like to get some bluetooth headphones so I can listen to my music, I'm not a fan of the 'ear bud' type so would like to get some over the ear style. (but not something similar to what the formula 1 pit crews wear and not wanting to spend a fortune either!!)
If anyone has some that they could recommend then it would be greatly appreciated.



Congrats on your new iPad3....I'm very interested in this topic too. I already use a pair of really cheap BT stereo headphones supplied by 7dayshop via Amazon UK. which retail at £22.79 well I did say they were cheap...lol
However they do sound, and work quite well, have reasonable sound quality with no background hiss at all, and they connect quickly without any problems at all... BUT!..

They do have one major drawback, and this is something that may interest the OP.

While they work great on my Ipad 3 with my installed films or music on my iPad while listening through the BT headphones, I can't use them for listening to anything being streamed from the Net, because as soon as I turn them on, for some reason the streaming starts to pause until it eventually stops altogether. At first I thought it was because both the wifi and Bluetooth operate on the same frequency 2.4ghz which is what we use in the UK..infact it may still be that.

The funny thing is.. while this is happening I can still connect okay to my wifi and stream exactly the same TV program or content with another iPad which is not connected to any bluetooth device and it streams okay without any problems. So it's not knocking my wifi down too much at all, infact net speedtests are still good, and I don't think it's my iPad3 either as my iPad1 does the same thing if roles are reversed... so I'm suspecting these cheap Bluetooth headphones may be the culprit.

IOW, whatever device is connected to these bluetooth stereo heaphones, they work okay until I come to stream anything while the headphones are in use on that same device... if I turn off the headphones.. the streaming will automatically continue again okay without any pauses or buffering.

I've tried changing channels and switching to different 802.xx modes on the router but it made no difference at all... certainly very strange.

I have now ordered a expensive pair of Sennheiser BT headphones from Amazon UK to see if that resolves the issue, obviously if they don't resolve the problem, they can be easily returned.

So if anyone is using a iPad in the UK with Bluetooth stereo headphones and are able to stream say live TV or from something like the BBC iPlayer while using BT headphones without issues. ? I'd love to know the brand and model of the headphones.

Any suggestions anyone ?
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