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Analyst Says Apple Sold Almost 80 Million iOS Devices in the December Quarter


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Jun 22, 2012
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Apple may have sold 80 million iOS device units in the just-concluded December quarter, according to sales surveys conducted by Canaccord Genuity firm. The strong demand for the new iPhone 5s and iPad Air has been highlighted as the most important factor that contributed to this. Analyst T. Michael Walkley has estimated that Apple managed to sell 54 million iPhones in the December quarter, which represents a 13 percent year over year increase.

iPad sales have seen a 8 percent growth from the previous year prior, reaching 24.8 million units. Put together, we have a total sales number that nears 80 million iOS devices. Neil Hughes from AppleInsider gives us more details regarding Walkley’s report:

Walkley anticipates that Apple had a sales mix of roughly 2:1 between the premium iPhone 5s and the mid-range iPhone 5c. He sees that resulting in an average selling price near $620 for Apple’s smartphone lineup. For the currently in progress March quarter, Walkley sees iPhone sales easing seasonally to 42.1 million — a number he said could prove conservative if Apple’s launch on China Mobile, the world’s largest carrier, proves to be a significant success. For calendar 2014, the analyst projects that Apple will sell a total of 180.4 million units.

These sales numbers are just estimates, while the official iOS device sales will be made public by Apple on January 27. iPhone sales could establish another new record this year, as Apple has finally entered the Chinese market thanks to its partnership with China Mobile.

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