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Amazon Releases New Windowshop App for iPad


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Amazon has launched a new app in the US App Store specifically designed for the iPad. Called Amazon Windowshop, ZDNet reports that Amazon intends to take online shopping to a whole new level with the app, which enables users to zoom in on product pictures, share items via email and social networking sites, and discover more products within a category by touching the category heading.

You can also explore the Amazon.com catalog via the Browse button to find the products that you’re interested in.

All the usual Amazon features you might expect are all present and correct, including Wish List, 1-Click checkout, Amazon Prime, and product recommendations based on your purchases and searches.

Sounds like a great idea and should make shopping for the holidays a lot easier when you can do it all from the comfort of your armchair! If you think you can handle all that 1-Click temptation literally at your fingertips, download the free app here.

Source: ZDNet, iTunes
...it'd be nice for them to even sort out their normal app for non-US iPad owners...
I think that name is kinda strange. I read that name and thought they were selling something for Windows, the OS.

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