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3D4Medical Showcases Revolutionary 3D “Complete Anatomy Series” on iPad Pro


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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iPad Pro Anatomy app.JPG

One of the highlights of the iPad Pro presentation today was the demo of 3D4Medical’s Complete Anatomy Series app on the iPad Pro. The company says that the 12.9-inch Retina display and powerful A9X chip raise the bar, providing unprecedented depth and detail for a mobile app.

The Apple Pencil also provides powerful 3D cutting and drawing tools for the app that helps students, teachers, and health professionals to communicate in a totally different way.

3D4Medical’s CEO John Moore says that the Complete Anatomy Series apps will “Transform medical understanding globally.”

“We believe that the Complete Anatomy Series will completely change the way doctors and patients communicate; ultimately increasing medical understanding and improving patient care from remote villages to the best hospitals in the world,” added Moore.

3D4Medical’s apps have been downloaded more than 9 million times to date, and have revolutionized the teaching and learning of anatomy, physiology, and exercise. The company’s proprietary true 3D technology means that the user can effortlessly navigate the human body and view it from any angle, as the demonstration at the Apple event showed.

Sources: 3D4Medical, MacRumors

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