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  1. evennewerbie

    iPad almost not connecting to wifi

    Hope right forum. Last days my iPad 5 connection to the net goes between slow-painful-impossible. Particularly noticeable when browsing, e.g. on forums like this. Often end up with 'could not be reached because your Device is not connected to the net' Some things which I believe require only...
  2. M

    1st Gen won’t connect to the wifi

    I apologize if I’ve put this in the wrong place, I made this account for this specific question only. About a month ago I was on the internet on my 1st Generation IPad when it suddenly disconnected from my home wifi network. I tried to reconnect to the network but it keeps saying that my...
  3. M

    iPad Mini 2 WiFi Won't Connect Suddenly

    Last night the power went off for only a second but was enough for the router and WiFi hotspot to reboot. All other devices in the house reconnected fine (2 x iPhones, WiFi Printer, iPad Air, Windows Tablet, etc) but my wife's Mini 2 (iOS 9.3.2) refuses to re-connect. So far I've tried: Forget...
  4. p.d632

    Connecting to wireless printer after move

    We use iPads for classroom use in a tutoring program, and we've just moved the location of our clubs. At the original location, the iPads were set up to print to the wireless printers, and did so without issue. Since moving to the new location, the iPads won't connect to the printer. The printer...