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  1. E

    Update using apple id

    I have an old ipad4. It is actuallu new, never used, and I cannot upgrade ot download any app. I would like to have chrome, netflix, disney and some other useful apps. I have heard that when you have newer apple device you can upgrade some apps using the same apple ID on both devices...
  2. TechnicGeek

    Upgrade iPAD Mini 2 After Almost 7 years?

    Hello, My mom's been using iPAD Mini 2 with 32GB since 2015. It still has properly working battery and I am surprised that Apple still makes iOS updates for that model because other brands don't offer software support for their old models for that long. I was thinking of upgrading her iPAD...
  3. ineuw

    Can this iPad model be updated to IOS 10?

    I have a 7.9" iPad MD531C/A (12a405) 2014081900. Can this be upgraded to IOS 10?
  4. col.bris

    Upgrading to iOS 10 iPads - What you need to know !

    Apple will release the latest operating system iOS 10 on Tuesday 13th September (USA time) To avoid issues I have put together some information that may make it easier for you to upgrade I understand many of you have done this before however even the most experience can learn by reading the...