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transfer video

  1. S

    How to transfer home videos (made on non-apple device) from IPad Air 2 to PC...

    So I happened to move about 30 GB of my personal trip videos from PC to iPad and they ended up in TV app (not in Photos). Now after a while I need them back to PC since I accidentally deleted those videos from my computer (Win 10) and have them only on iPad now. Is there way to transfer them...
  2. Maga

    How to transfer files from Android to iPad mini ?

    I have a iPad mini and an android mobile phone I intend to transfer a video that is on Google Drive to the iPad but I have no option available on the iPad; on the other way, PC has the option to download. What can I do to overcome this? Thank you very much
  3. J

    Transfer a video to photo album

    I have a video that is on my PC and somehow I got it onto a new iPad Air 2 (non-Apple person here) but now I need to add it to one of the photo albums. Currently the video is in the video folder. I tried several apps, including iTunes to get the video from my Windows PC to the iPad. Not sure...