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  1. Expatriate

    New OS and iTunes - no video file upload

    This week I have upgraded my iPad Air OS to 11.3 and my iTunes to Syncing takes place from a designated folder on my PC hard drive. Some of the files in the folder are MP4s. In the past these MP4s have uploaded to my iPad (which also created a special folder for them called Videos...
  2. G

    Frequent save errors from MS Word to Dropbox

    I use MS Word 365 heavily on an iPad Pro from documents saved in Dropbox. I frequently get save errors while I'm working, where MS Word suddenly flashes a yellow banner across the top of my document, saying it cannot save my changes either because (1) they conflict with edits currently being...
  3. Knightoftheapp

    Question About Syncing sync

    To All, I have an iPad Air 2 and I just bought an iPhone 6S. Can anyone tell me how to sync between the two devices? Thanks.
  4. Vagulus

    How do I clean up my Photos gallery?

    I have a plethora of folders in my 'Photos' gallery: Camera Roll, Selfies, Video, Bender (four of them), General, Littlies (3 of them), Moving, P_Temp, Mixer, Kids etc., Other Mixers (4 of them), Other Videos, and PFR (2 of them). How did it get like that? Syncing with my PC comes from a...