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  1. Ashleigh E

    YouTube videos play out of sync on iPad

    I'm having an issue where I upload a video to YouTube, and the sound slowly falls out of sync when watching on iPad. I've tried everything I can think of (re-uploading, changing the bit-rate and the frame rates) but to no avail. Without fail, every time, the video will fall out of sync. This is...
  2. iBozz

    iPad/iMac Photos sync problem

    I asked this question on the Apple Support Forum a week again but have so far received no reply so I am reposting here to see if anyone can help me ... I have sync'd my iMac's Photos with my new 512GB iPad Pro using iTunes. Photos on the iMac reports that it holds 10,717 items and yet, even...
  3. T

    iTunes duplicates Outlook contacts when syncing with iPad Air

  4. A

    Goodreader Sync Failure

    Hello to all, I am a heavy user of GoodReader, since it is highly versatile and provides me with a means to set up a file system. What's still most bothering is the file transfer: you can't transfer folders via iTunes (you must resort to zip files, which kinda works but takes lots of time)...
  5. Knightoftheapp

    Question About Syncing sync

    To All, I have an iPad Air 2 and I just bought an iPhone 6S. Can anyone tell me how to sync between the two devices? Thanks.
  6. G

    Some movies always copied during sync

    I have a problem where several of my movies are always copied during sync, even when absolutely nothing has changed. Other movies are just fine. I have tried deleting and resyncing the problem movies, but the problem remains. This problem only affects movies and NOT music, or any other...