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    Apple Hires Two Top Sony Execs For Video Programming Division

    Recode reports that Apple has just announced that it has hired two top Sony TV executives to run its new Video Programming Division, giving credence to the various Hollywood rumours that Apple is looking to make its own original TV shows and movies. The two executives, Jamie Erlicht and Zack...
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    Sony Announces That it’s Working on 10 Mobile Games

    In a bid to enjoy a slice of Nintendo’s Pokémon Go success, Sony has today announced that it is currently working on 10 mobile games, six of which will be released in the next financial year, starting April 2017, according to Fortune. The as yet unnamed titles are set to feature some of Sony’s...
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    Sony to Make Smartphone Games

    CNBC reports that Sony has announced that it is to launch at least five smartphone/tablet games in the year ending March 2018 in a bid to compete with console rival Nintendo, which is about to launch several iOS games, including the highly anticipated Super Mario Run. The games will be released...
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    PlayCast App Lets You Remote Play PS4 Games on your iPhone or iPad

    PlayCast is a new app from BitWise Solutions that is designed to enable you to remote play PlayStation 4 games on your iOS device using the same feature that enables remote play of PS4 games on the PlayStation Vita. According to TouchArcade’s hands-on experience with the app, it does actually...
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    Sony PlayStation Games to Appear on iOS in Asia and Japan

    AppleInsider writes that Sony has launched a new initiative with a new company that it has created, ForwardWorks, to “leverage the intellectual property of the numerous PlayStation dedicated software titles and its gaming characters, as well as the knowledge and know-how of gaming development...