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    Need help with Skype on iPad Pro

    I am using Skype on my iPad to connect with professional contacts, however I don’t see the paper clip icon in chat box to attach files, documents during the chat. The other icons such as picture, video, location camera etc are all there. Do I need to grant permission in settings in order to be...
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    Now You Can Send Money Via iOS Skype App

    Microsoft and Skype announced today that the latest update to the Skype iOS app has a very handy new feature whereby you can use it to send money, thanks to its integration with PayPal. The new feature is called “Send Money,” and enables you to send money via PayPal during a Skype conversation...
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    Skype for iOS Gets Big Redesign

    MacRumors reports that Microsoft has just launched a big redesign for Skype for iOS, with new chat, chatbots, and camera features. The app has also had a refresh of its overall look, and Microsoft says that it has given more choice to the user as to how the app will look when they use it. The...
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    Skype for iPad Mini - how to turn on REAR camera during video chat

    I hope someone can help me. I'm trying to remotely help my senior parents with their iPad mini. (I do not own one nor do I have access to it as they live far away.) They've done it before but can no longer find, during a Skype video call, how to change to use the rear facing camera. Does anyone...
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    Skype Launches Revamped iPhone and iPad App

    Skype has just unveiled its newly redesigned iPhone and iPad app, Skype 6.0, which is available to download from the App Store now. Announcing the redesign via its official blog, Skype says that it has redesigned the app to be “much more natural and intuitive, and have added a bunch of new...