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  1. P

    Are Pages, Numbers and Keynote here to stay?

    Over the years, Apple has seemed to have a choppy relationship with its productivity software..tends to come and go...suddenly yanked and morphed into something new... I am using Pages for iPad for writing a book because all of my macs, and my iphone have it. I want to be able to move my...
  2. M

    Apple Updates iWork Apps on iPad With Apple Pencil Support

    At today’s Field Trip education event in Chicago today Apple announced a brand new, lower-priced 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support, and then swiftly also released an update for iWorks apps Pages, Numbers and Keynote for iPad and Mac, complete with Apple Pencil support. AppleInsider...
  3. M

    Pages, Keynote, and Numbers Get New iOS 11 Features

    9to5 Mac reports today that Apple has updated its Pages, Numbers and Keynotes apps with new iOS 11 features. First off, Pages has a new look for its document manager to make it easier to view files from third-party service providers and iCloud Drive. Drag and drop support for iPad has also been...
  4. A

    Upgrade of Apple's native office suit

    Hi all, If anyone had an elaborate experience about Apple 's native office apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers with new iOS 11 beta, I would like to know, how good they are in handling word documents? Or PPTX and Xcel files? We extensively use MS Word with its review and "track changes"...
  5. L

    Pages - This app is no longer shared with you

    I had not opened ‘Pages’ for some time and when I did I was prompted to sign into the iTunes Store. I did that and up came a small window with, “This app is no longer shared with you – To use it, you must buy it from the App Store. The choices were: “View in App Store” or “Cancel.” After...
  6. wakeupgetdown

    Notability Question

    Hi, I have the app Notability for IPad Air 2. I was trying to import some files for school, and not knowing which file extensions Notability could read, I attempted to import a .htm file, as well as a document I made in Apple Pages, and saved in the "pages" format. The files would not open in...