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  1. M

    Import files from iCloud Drive in Notability

    Hi, I have course material in my iCloud drive that I would like to annotate on my iPad Pro in Notability. These are mostly docx, pptx and PDF files. However, I can't find how to import these files in the app. The import drop-down shows Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc but not iCloud, although...
  2. MattsR

    Lost note in Notability - HELP!

    Hi everyone, I am in a panic. I just lost a very important note in Notability. I had it open om my iMac (v2.3.0), and I also have it on my iPad and iPhone. Somehow the backup of notes has been turned of (it has been on as I see *.note files in my Google Drive) so I do not have it backed up...
  3. Simmer

    I did try searching - I'm sure this is not a new issue

    10 days ago after I kept putting off the iOS upgrade it started on its own with a very low battery. I was told after my iPad died that it was not cost effective to fix this fried chip. He then explained that an iPad that is shut down (or loses power) during an upgrade almost always dies. Seems...
  4. wakeupgetdown

    Notability Question

    Hi, I have the app Notability for IPad Air 2. I was trying to import some files for school, and not knowing which file extensions Notability could read, I attempted to import a .htm file, as well as a document I made in Apple Pages, and saved in the "pages" format. The files would not open in...
  5. N

    Notability app

    Hi, anyone has this app compatible with ipad 1? off course i bought it on my computer and then tried to download it on the ipad but it didnt work (required ios 7 or higher)...This would be a huge help. thanks