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  1. Mizzicrazi


    im just wondering as iv not used itunes befor is there an easy learning video or quick way just to suss how the basics of it works & can benefit me ? Prob sounds a dumb question but the internet is still new to me
  2. A

    Should I use GarageBand?

    Here's my main issue: I'm interested in using GarageBand to get into music, but I don't want to get locked into Apple's eco system. To elaborate: I'm interested in getting into music production as a hobby, and want some kind of program to easily start making demos, maybe even start putting out...
  3. E

    Guys... my iPad plays through a record player perfectly.

    I wanted to see if my cart would pick up the ipads speaker vibration. I expected something to happen, but not the distortion-less playback that I got! The cart is magnetic and placed on top of where the speaker is located!
  4. B

    Page turner for ForScore

    I use the ForScore app on my IPAD PRO 12.9 inch for reading sheet music in several bands. I can turn the page by tapping beside the page image on the screen if there is a gap in the music. Otherwise I can tap my foot on a cordless pedal. I suppose that I could remove the shoe from my...
  5. M

    See How iPads are Helping Students With Learning Disabilities in Queens, New York

    9to5 Mac reports today on a news story from CBS about a school in Queens, New York, where a band of students with learning disabilities are using iPads to help them to play music for the first time. The story even caught the attention of Apple CEO Tim Cook, who tweeted about it, saying that it...
  6. T

    Voice Pitch Control?

    what ipad apps allow you to change the pitch of a pattern with the changing pitch of your voice? thanks tesla.
  7. M

    Apple Announces First Live Streaming Beats 1 Concert With The 1975

    9to5 Mac reports that the official Apple Music Snapchat has been promoting the first streaming Beats 1 concert, which will take place on February 25 at 9 a.m. PT/ 12 p.m. ET, and which will star The 1975. The concert setting will be a secret rooftop location in Los Angeles, and will see the...
  8. ArkMC

    MyAudioStream is a music streaming application and UPnP audio player for iPad

    MyAudioStream | Arkuda UPnP Applications Website It's time to delve into a world of music with MyAudioStream. It's Arkuda's premium media network solution! iTunes: HD Pro MAS https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/myaudiostream-hd-pro-upnp/id977569287 HD Lite MAS...
  9. Spanglenator

    Recording through the headphone jack of an iPad 4

    Is it possible to do this? And if so, with what apps and how? Anyways, here was the reason: I made a bunch of custom ringtones on my Android device and I didn't want to bluetooth it over, transfer it over, and etc (I guess you could call this an experiment as well). Well I got to thinking...