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    Boston Red Sox Found to Have Used Apple Watches to Steal Signs Against Yankees

    According to a report in The New York Times, the Boston Red Sox have been found to have been using Apple Watches in order to gain an advantage against the Yankees and other teams. The actions by the Red Sox were discovered by investigators for Major League Baseball, who found that the team had...
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    MLB Using iPhone-Driven Swing Analyser

    The MLB announced today that its teams will be using Blast Motion’s Blast Baseball iPhone-connected swing analyser sensor in the forthcoming season. 9to5 Mac reports that the sensor will initially be used during training, but will be used in-game as the official sensor tech for the league...
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    Apple Signs Multi-Year Deal to Provide MLB Coaches With 12.9-inch iPad Pros

    AppleInsider reports that Apple has just signed a multi-year deal with Major League Baseball to provide MLB coaches with 12.9-inch iPad Pros kitted out with custom software that will show player stats, stat breakdowns, interactive data, game videos, and much more. The Wall Street Journal said...