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    Microsoft Edge Coming Soon to iOS

    It looks like we could soon be getting the choice of a new browser to use on iOS, with Phone Arena reporting that Microsoft could be about to port its Edge browser to iOS and Android. The sources say that Microsoft Edge will be appearing on mobile platforms before the end of 2017. The same...
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    Skype for iOS Gets Big Redesign

    MacRumors reports that Microsoft has just launched a big redesign for Skype for iOS, with new chat, chatbots, and camera features. The app has also had a refresh of its overall look, and Microsoft says that it has given more choice to the user as to how the app will look when they use it. The...
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    Microsoft Launches Mixer iOS App

    Microsoft has today announced an iOS app for its rebranded Beam livestreaming platform, which it is now calling Mixer. The app is called Mixer Create, and, according to MacRumors, it launches in beta today with various self-broadcasting features that help streamers keep in touch with their fans...
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    Now You Can Search Bing for iOS Using Photos

    MacRumors reports that Microsoft’s Bing search engine app for iOS has an interesting new update that brings with it the ability to search the web using a photo that you’ve taken on your iPhone or iPad. After applying the update, all you have to do is either choose a photo from your photo...
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    Microsoft iOS Word Flow Keyboard Will Have One-Handed Mode

    AppleInsider reports that Microsoft is already testing its Word Flow mobile keyboard for iOS, with the early version being tested featuring a one-handed operating mode. In the original report in The Verge, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans said that the iOS version of Word Flow will have...
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    Microsoft Updates OneDrive for iOS With New Command Gestures and More

    iDownload Blog reports that Microsoft has updated its OneDrive iOS app, which is its cloud storage client. The new features included easier sharing with an updated, more visual menu, and some new ways of working with PDFs. As far as the new PDF features are concerned, you can now draw and...
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    Microsoft Showcases Office on iPad Pro at Apple Event

    Possibly one of the biggest surprises of today’s Apple event occurred when Microsoft’s Kirk Konigsbauer appeared onstage to demonstrate Office for iPad on the new iPad Pro, and in particular how well it works with the Apple Pencil in apps such as PowerPoint, including shape recognition for 20...