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ipad mini 4

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    Ipad Mini 4 internet connection and password issues

    Howdy, My google fu hasn't been helpful in yielding any useful results for the problem I am having with my wife's Ipad Mini 4. The issue seemed to have cropped up over the last 6 months for some reason and kept getting worse. It started with poor signal connectivity at first. I thought the...
  2. M

    Apple Announces New 9.7-Inch iPad and Increased Capacity for iPad Mini 4

    Just as expected, Apple has today announced an updated version of its most popular-sized iPad, the 9.7-inch model, complete with a brighter Retina display with 3.1 million pixels and improved performance, all at its most affordable price ever, starting at $329. The iPad Air 2 has been...
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    Keyboard & Case for iPad Mini 4

    I bought my first Apple product a few days ago, an iPad mini 4 128GB. I'm hoping someone can give me a recommendation on a keyboard and/or a case that they like to use. The keyboards that I've found have such up and down reviews on Amazon.