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ipad 3

  1. L

    Is worthy Ipad 4?

    Hello guys. This week I bought an Ipad 4, because i'm needing a tablet for only read books and comics, this is my first second-hand apple product. I downloaded 3uTools and in battery section says that my battery life is in 93%, 31 recharges. Is it good? I realized that my Ipad takes 11 hours to...
  2. vOOda

    Broken ipad to smart mirror

    Hello folks. My first message here, nice to meet you! I have an Ipad 3 with broken display. Is there any schematic how to connect the Ipad to an external display thru it's flat cable? I want to make a smart mirror from that, but I can find the right connection way :-(
  3. M

    Where did dictation go!

    I have an iPad 3. I used to have a microphone on my keyboard but it's disappeared! Directions say go to settings/general/keyboard and turn on "dictation" There is no "dictation" option!? Help! I'm an author and need my dictation back! Thanks
  4. S

    iPad won't turn on. Not responsive to usual fixes.

    I have a 3rd Gen iPad that is having problems turning on. When attempting to turn it on it shows the apple symbol for a while as if it were turning on, however the screen goes black and is presumably off again. Continued attempts yield the same result. When trying the hard reset via the...