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google maps

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    Google Maps Gets Quick-Access Explore, Driving, and Transit Tabs

    MacRumors reports that Google Maps has just been updated with three new quick-access tabs that have already been available on Android for more than a year, namely Explore, Driving, and Transit tabs. Situated at the bottom of the screen, the new tabs will provide more details when you swipe up...
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    Google’s Cupcake Update Removed After Protests

    9to5 Mac reports today on a rather unusual Google Maps iOS update, which included the addition of a “mini cupcakes” distance measurement for how many calories are burned when you walk a particular distance. It certainly looks like a fun and cute way of letting people know just how many calories...
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    Google Maps App Update Includes “Measure Distance” Feature

    MacRumors reports that Google has just updated its Maps app for iOS with a very useful feature that has already been available on its Maps web app for quite a while. The new feature simply enables you to measure the distance between at least two points or places on the map “as the crow flies.”...
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    Google Maps Will Now Remember Where You Parked Your Car

    If you’re one of those people that frequently forget where you left your car when you’ve parked in a big parking garage or supermarket parking lot, for example, Google has today updated its Maps app with a very handy new feature, whereby it will remember where you’ve parked your car. All you...
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    Google Maps for iOS Gets Big Update

    Google has just released a big update for its Google Maps app, complete with three major changes, and one minor one. First up, writes BGR, you can now see a Street View thumbnail when you search for an address or tap and hold anywhere on the map. Secondly, you can now view the custom maps that...