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google drive

  1. Maga

    How to transfer files from Android to iPad mini ?

    I have a iPad mini and an android mobile phone I intend to transfer a video that is on Google Drive to the iPad but I have no option available on the iPad; on the other way, PC has the option to download. What can I do to overcome this? Thank you very much
  2. Buddyboy

    Sharing photos from iPad 2

    I am not a regular on this forum. I would have searched this topic before posting but am unable to see a search function within the site, so here goes. I am seeking a recommendation for how to most effectively share photos from my wife's iPad 2 with other people. I run OSX El Capitan version...
  3. C

    Using SharePoint as an alternative to Dropbox

    I got a SharePoint site setup at no cost, and the hosting provider, cloudappsportal, has some support/resource articles that mention using of SharePoint as a cloud storage option. It also talks about how SharePoint is superior to Dropbox in terms of being used to store, share and edit files. Has...