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    Seventy-Five Percent of Enterprise Employees Choose iPhone or iPad

    According to a new survey from Apple IT management company Jamf, when given the opportunity by their company to chose their own equipment, 75% of those polled chose an iPhone or iPad over Android and other devices. 72% of those polled chose Mac and 28% chose PC. Overall, 52% of enterprise...
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    New Report Shows Apple Devices are Dominating Enterprise

    9to5 Mac reports today on the new Annual Jamf Trends Survey that was published today by Jamf, a company that makes Apple device management software for businesses, and which shows that both iOS and Mac adoption rose in the enterprise over the past year. Jamf collected data from 300 IT...
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    Enterprise in Japan Goes “all iPad”

    AppleInsider has posted a fascinating feature on a report that was initially authored by Architosh that says that leading firms in many different sectors of the enterprise in Japan are issuing thousands of iPads to their workers and standardising their working practices around iOS. One such...