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  1. carlcaulkett

    Highlight text (urls etc) have all turned orange

    I’m running iPadOS 10.15 and earlier today a system wide change appears to have occurred whereby all my link text, URLs, twitter handles and the like, which used to be a reassuring blue color, have all turned orange. This raises 2 questions. Why has it happened and how can I reverse it?
  2. P

    Display Starting Problems

    Hey, I have a problem with my IPad. I started it and the screen has a black stripe on the display with white sides. It also wont react to any kind of touching. After some time the screen got darker and now i can barely see the stripe. I attached a picture of the screen. Does somebody know how...
  3. M

    Apple Working on Touch-ID-Enabled Displays

    The United States Patent and Trademark Office has today granted a patent application from Apple for a Touch ID sensor that would be able to detect and read your fingerprints via not just the home button, but also via other parts of the phone, including “display stacks and touch screens,”...