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  1. S

    iPad Air (iPad 5 A1474) Not charging

    Hi everyone. New member here, so first of all, hello and thanks for having me ;) I have a dead ipad air A1474 (I believe this is also referred to as the ipad 5) I have tried holding the home and lock button for extended periods of time and I have tried putting the ipad in DFU mode. Neither...
  2. zzz13

    Need to charge iPad 1 while it is connected to PC

    I have my iPad 1 set up as an external display for my PC, but it does not charge because my USB ports do not put off enough power. I've tried every port on my PC and my port replicator with no success. I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to charge it while it is connected to my computer...
  3. Knightoftheapp

    iPhone Battery Question

    About six weeks ago, I bought an iPhone 6s. The question is, will it hurt the battery if I charge it up while using it. I'm an Uber driver and I need my iPhone for work. 10 hours of battery life just doesn't cut it.